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Desert Oaks Veterinary Clinic was opened in 2014 with the aim of providing a high quality, compassionate veterinary care services for Alice Springs pet owners. Daily we strive to continue to do this with you and your pet being our utmost priority.

Our service is highly professional and we continue to keep abreast of new developments in all our areas of practice. 


We monitor our pricing closely so that our services remain affordable whilst still allowing us to do our best work for you.

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About Us

Veterinary Care in Desert Oaks

Desert Oaks Vet Clinic is a small family - operated veterinary practice which offers a friendly, affordable & personalised service to you and your pet. With over 35 years' combined experience, we provide a full range of tele-health consultation services for your pet.

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How We Provide Care

At Desert Oaks Veterinary Clinic we take a holistic approach to animal health. Your pet is assessed by our vet, Jamie, and an individualised plan for diagnosis and treatment is formulated and discussed with you. This may include a broad range of modalities from conventional veterinary medicine, surgery or X rays to Traditional Chinese Medicine or nutritional therapy. The decision made will be based on the vet’s recommendations and your preferences. Follow up care helps support recovery.

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First Aid For Pets

24hr Emergency Veterinary Care in Alice Springs

First Aid for Pets

Because we are a small, family-owned and run vet clinic with only one vet, we cannot, unfortunately, offer a 24 - hour emergency service. We have a friendly agreement with the other 2 vet practices in Alice Springs so you can receive care for your pet after hours if needed. If your pet needs on-going treatment you will be referred back to us during business
hours the next day. We appreciate your understanding in this.

We also recommend the above app. First Aid for Pets Australia is an educational tool that contains many helpful and potentially life-saving articles for quick reference in the event of an emergency or potential health risk for your pet.

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Alice Springs NT 0870, Australia

(08) 8953 4936

Tuesday: 10am - 1pm

Wednesday: 10am - 1pm

Please contact our clinic via phone or by Booking a Consultation with us via our tele-health platform.

(08) 8953 4936