Dr Jamie Lines

Dr Jamie Lines

Over the past 8 years my wife Michelle and I established a small clinic in Alice Springs called Desert Oaks Vet Clinic, and have recently made the move to the Northern Rivers region of the NSW coast.

Since graduating from Melbourne University in 1994 (nearly 30 years ago!) I have enjoyed a variety of Veterinary roles, working with small domestic pets and a range of farm animals in different parts of Australia and the UK.

I began to take an interest in natural feeding practices and herbal therapies about 10 years ago and started to look more closely at the ‘science’ supporting the commercial pet foods that were having an increasing influence in the Veterinary profession.

Michelle and I have a small terrier cross dog called Chief who is 12 years old and a grey tabby cat called Bella who is now around 20 years old & still going strong! (on a raw diet).

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My Story continued...

I realised very quickly that there were some major questions that were not being addressed, such as the quantities of starches in the foods as well as the digestibility & bio-availability of nutrients.

Just some of the issues that bothered me, was the widespread acceptance within the profession, that most pets would suffer dental disease and most pets should get yearly vaccinations. This did not seem like good science. What was their immune status?

So with an enquiring mind I began my journey down the raw feeding rabbit hole and along the way have witnessed literally hundreds of amazing cases of healing from seemingly intractable and chronic conditions – liberating animals from a lifetime of debilitating ailments and drug dependence.

Apart from my own anecdotal evidence there is now a mounting volume of good scientific studies that further supports raw feeding in cats and dogs and raises serious issues about modern processed foods and how they may contribute to many of today’s common pet disease conditions.

We look forward to working with you via our tele-health phone or video platform and aim to deliver an individualised plan for your pet’s long term optimal health!