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At Desert Oaks Vet...

We offer a personalised animal health consultation service which focuses on Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAVM), including Traditional Chinese Herbal and Western Herbal therapies and Nutritional therapies.

Our goal is to provide an individualised plan for your pet’s short- and long-term health & well-being, that you are comfortable to implement. This may involve changes to your pet’s diet and lifestyle routine.

We strive to identify natural solutions to pet health which reduces your pet’s dependence on modern drugs, chemicals and surgery.

Integrative Medicine is about achieving optimal outcomes for your pet’s health by working both with you, as the primary carer for your pet and with your current Veterinarian.

We have witnessed fantastic outcomes with:

- Chronic and/or recurrent disease conditions such as ear infections, skin allergies, digestive complaints and more.
- Treatment of animals with serious diseases, like cancer or liver or kidney diseases, where conventional drug treatments were considered too dangerous.
- Various terminal diseases where quality of life has been greatly improved.
- Cancer treatment where pet owners do not wish to use modern chemotherapy treatments and CAVM therapies have enhanced quality of life and duration of remission.
- Collaborating with pet owners who simply want to stay ahead of the curve and implement a natural approach to keep their pet healthy & long-lived with fewer health issues!

Veterinary Care

  • Animal Health and Wellness Examinations

  • Western, conventional medicine

  • Western herbal treatments

  • Traditional Chinese Medicine

  • Naturopathic care

  • Nutritional advice

Holistic Pet Care

Desert Oaks Vet Clinic offers a ‘holistic’ type of pet care which we prefer to call ‘Integrative Medicine’ and incorporates Allopathic or Western Clinical Medicine as well as Herbal Medicine and ‘Species Appropriate’ diets.


It is an “Integrative” approach using both Eastern & Western principles to address modern disease conditions.

For example, we prefer a raw meaty bone diet over today’s processed foods for cats & dogs and prefer testing animal’s antibody levels for protective immunity against infectious diseases rather than assuming the need for annual vaccinations.